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Public purchasing is a significant expenditure across Europe, annually accounting for €3 trillion or up to 18% of European GDP. Intelligent purchasing by all levels of government can leverage this expenditure to stimulate innovation in the private market, improving the efficiency and reducing the costs of their services. Such public procurement supports the European Commission’s Single Market Strategy by promoting competition and trade, increasing efficiency and quality, and promoting price reduction.

Vtrek is an economic consultancy firm in the Netherlands offering expert services to help contracting authorities across Europe to buy innovation. We pilot the business case methodology first presented under the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip) project, and further the methodology with input from practical experience and academic research. This assists project managers and procurers in designing, conducting, and learning from their purchases, for better results and higher returns across the procurement life cycle.

We focus on stimulating a mindset shift to strategic analysis for our customers that goes beyond compliance, for larger demand-side impacts. With a goal to be the best-in-class in economic procurement services, we build expertise through strong network ties with universities, research organizations, legal consultancies, and technology partners. This means that our advice and solutions are grounded in academic excellence and backed by legal advice. Our approach is outcome-driven, where cost savings and service efficiency translate to intensified market impacts in innovation and sustainability.

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Partner network

Vtrek is embedded within a strong system of economic and legal partners. It conducts interdisciplinary analyses informed through partnerships with Corvers Legal and Commercial Affairs market intellegence firm IPlytics and the Corvers’ Chair of Innovation Procurement at the Maastricht School of Management



Our Experts

Vtrek is composed of a small team of dedicated individuals with a strong combined record in public procurement economics, research and analysis, and business management. 

Subcontractor for the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement- initiative (eafip) 

Vtrek is subcontractor for the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement- initiative (eafip). As such Vtrek delivers support and added value to selected innovation procurement projects (PCP and PPI projects). 

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