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About Vtrek

Vtrek was founded in 2017 to meet a demonstrated need of public purchasers to create value in their purchasing. We are a network organization uniquely advantaged by our strong relationships with economic and legal-oriented partners. Our mission is to stimulate a mindset shift to strategic analysis for our customers that goes beyond compliance with regulation. Our goal is to be the “best in class” in economic procurement services for demand-side business case development.

We help procurers design, conduct, and learn from their public procurements for better results and higher returns. Taking a systems perspective, we identify opportunities to create or enhance value along the procurement life cycle, determine the best ways to accomplish this, and provide recommendations for implementation. Our approach is outcome-driven, where cost savings and service efficiency translate to intensified market impacts in innovation and sustainability.

Customers of Vtrek are public agencies at all levels (central, provincial, and municipal) who want to comply with new regulations, save money and create greater impact from their purchasing. Our assistance is tailored to the needs of the client according to their goals and challenges along different phases of the procurement life cycle. 

Areas that we specialize in are high technology and ICT - from Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP), to the Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI), and innovation partnerships. Our integrated analyses can also support green public procurement measures through life-cycle costing that includes relevant environmental and social costs. Taken together, our services can measurably enhance innovation and sustainability in public services and in the private market.