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eafip Innovation Procurement of the year based on research by Vtrek

13 October 2017

Procurement of textiles from recycled fibres

In its procurement of towels and overalls, the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (MODNL) followed a circular policy and explored recycled content in the new textiles.

The products contained at least 10% recycled post-consumer textile fibres, with two contracts awarded: one for supply of 100,000 towels and 10,000 cloths, and one for 53,000 overalls. MODNL consulted the market and challenged suppliers to source post-consumer textile fibres, with the winning bid creating estimated savings of 233,000,000 litres of water, 69,000 kg CO2 and 23 MJ of energy.

Read more about the project and the role that intermediation played in the work of Dr. Anne Rainville, available here