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European Innovation Procurement module for procurers now published

12 April 2017

Vtrek's partner organization Corvers' Procurement Services, as part of the eafip consortium, has finalized Module 2 of the eafip toolkit. The eafip Toolkit aims to provide support to policy makers in designing PCP and PPI strategies, and to procurers and their legal departments in implementing such procurements.

To support public procurers, Module 2 clarifies the pre-requisites and key steps to design and implement an innovation procurement process (PCP and PPI). It provides a step-by-step approach to innovation procurement, introducing a business case methodology to be used for valuing costs and benefits in PCP and PPI. 

The Annex of Module 2 provides the following operational support:

  • Numerical example for a PCP to identify the number of bidders and the budget per phase
  • Computing the business case for a PCP and PPI project
  • Mapping PCP and PPI on technology readiness levels – TRLs
  • The use of value engineering for savings & innovation
  • Step by step monitoring methodology

An example calculation tool spreadsheet is also provided.

The full toolkit can be downloaded free of charge from the eafip website at