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Standard specifications regarding international social criteria

2 October 2017

In order to assist contracting authorities of the Netherlands in upholding social rights, the Ministry of Interior and Kingdomrelations drafted a standard text. The due diligence research helps to identify risks to the human rights of the supplier and the associated production chain and then prevent, reduce, restore and compensate those risks. The standard text will enable to incorporate the application of the International Social Conditions (ISV) into procurement documents properly.

The ISV contributes to the elimination of social maladministration in the purchasing chain. The State defines due diligence as  an ongoing process to understand the possible risks of labor and human rights violations occurring in the international chain. This differs from the current term “book review” in the accountancy.

Beside the standard text, there is also a guide ISV available for suppliers. This handbook can help companies by implementing ISV due diligence research in accordance with the OESO guidelines.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs