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Vacature for a Doctoral Candidate working on the Economics of Public Procurement

23 March 2017

Applications are now open for a Dutch-speaking student to work on business case methodologies with the ICT implementing agency for the Netherlands Water Boards, Het Waterschapshuis. 

As part of the activities of the recently established Corver-MSM Chair in Innovation Procurement a 10 month scholarship (potentially renewable for another 10 month period) is offered to a candidate wishing to obtain a doctoral degree working on the Economics of Public Procurement. 

The doctoral project will focus on the economic analysis of the recent EU legislation on innovation procurement. The Doctoral degree will be issued either by MSM, in case of a DBA degree, or by one of MSM’s partner Dutch universities in case of a PhD.

The position

The Doctoral candidate will agree with the Supervisors Prof. Wim Naudé, Dean of MSM and Prof. Nicola Dimitri, Chair in Innovation Management at MSM on the academic project content and with Dr. Anne Rainville on the operational project content of their liaison with Het Waterschapshuis. The candidate will work at Het Waterschapshuis in Amersfoort 2-3 days a week and the remaining days at MSM in Maastricht.

Responsibilities include

  • Analyze the economic aspects of the current EU legislation on innovation procurement, which can be performed by making use of alternative approaches. In particular, the empirical part could be conducted by making use of econometric, statistical and data analysis techniques;
  • Considering the relatively recent introduction of the above EU legislative sources for innovation procurement. The project could also concern the institutional design of an innovation procurement system at Regional and National levels;
  • Collaborate with the legal public procurement experts of Corvers Services on the doctoral and other innovation procurement projects. Such interaction will be crucial for the success of the project as the legal EU public procurement framework in the fundamental platform of the work.

For more information and for how to apply: