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Vtrek and Corvers sign Green Deal Circular Procurement

11 June 2018

On Thursday 7 June, Vtrek and Corvers, together with the national government and at least 50 public and private companies and organizations, signed the Green Deal Circular Procurement 2.0 from the initiators MVO Nederland, NEVI, PIANOo and Rijkswaterstaat. The participants combined a total of over 100 million in purchasing power.

Stephan Corvers signing the Green Deal

The Green Deal Circular Procurement (GDCI) is a result-oriented network. Participants in the GDCI gain practical experience with circular procurement and share this during the meetings and in working groups.

Stephan Corvers signing the offcial Green Deal documents

In this Green Deal Circular Procurement, the participants work together to accelerate the circular economy through the use of the purchasing instrument. Circular procurement leads to new contract forms and business models. The national government encourages this.

The Green Deal Circular Procurement 2.0 builds on the experiences of the past four years and scaling up the pilot projects creates solid demand for circular services and products. Whereas in the first variant more than € 100 million was already purchased in circular form, the expectation is that this will be more than exceeded in the new Green Deal, partly due to the growing number of participants.

The participants of the Green Deal

You can register for participation in the Green Deal Circular Purchasing by completing the form. The Green Deal Circular Procurement 2.0 is open to all public and private organizations that want to purchase circularly.