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EAFIP presents WEBINAR on

Opportunities to tackle the COVID-19 Crisis through Innovation Procurement

- a legal and economic perspective -

A 1-hour webinar for European public buyers offered through European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip).


This one-hour webinar provides guidance to public buyers for how to proceed in the short- and middle/long-term periods in procuring the supplies and services required. The focus is on innovation procurements of ICT based solutions. The webinar is hosted by experts in the field of innovation procurement: Ms. Lieve Bos (DG-Connect), Mr. Stephan Corvers (Corvers), Dr. Ramona Apostol (Corvers) and Dr. Anne Rainville (Vtrek).

Visit the EAFIP website for more information and the webinar presentation. 

Introduction & overview of eafip – What You Can Do Now
Ms. Lieve Bos (DG-Connect) & Mr. Stephan Corvers (Corvers)

Methods for End-User Needs Identification             
Dr. Anne Rainville (Vtrek)

Overview of Changing Procurement Landscapes over the course of COVID-19         
Dr. Ramona Apostol (Corvers)

Identify Suppliers through State-of-the-Art              
Dr. Anne Rainville (Vtrek)

Drafting the Business Case
Dr. Anne Rainville (Vtrek)

Recommendations and next steps 
Mr. Stephan Corvers (Corvers)

Q & A          
Mr. Stephan Corvers (Corvers)