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Prior Art Analyses for Innovation Procurement

For approval of an innovation procurement, contracting authorities must first identify the room for innovation and suggest the degree of novelty which can be achieved in a given solution space. Particularly for procuring R&D services, a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) is legally justifiable only when there is nothing on or near-to-market which (with adaptation or design changes) could meet the needs of a procurer. 

Vtrek provides prior art analysis services for contracting authorities, using the IPlytics platform to identify relevant intellectual property (patents and publications) and standards to substantiate the need of the procurer. The resulting report is used to develop questions to the market during the market consultation, and is typicaly published openly. Examples of work we have conducted are for the Ministry of Health, Wellbeing, and Sport (VWS) on the the international joint public procurement of a Horizon Scanning System, and Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg on big data and security solutions.