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Recent Publications

Vtrek and its partner organizations are actively involved in the generation and dissemation of cutting-edge research on public procurement. Both individually and in collaboration, we have been published in top-rated academic journals and widely-read practitioner publications. In sharing professional opinions and sharing new findings, we have delivered presentations to national and international audiences alike, often upon invitation. 

Below is a selection of recent publications relating to economics and public procurement.


Most Recent Publications

Dimitri, N. (2020), "Budget allocation design in the EU pre-commercial procurement for innovation", Journal of Public Procurement.

Blind, K., Pohlisch, J. & Rainville, A. Innovation and standardization as drivers of companies’ success in public procurement: an empirical analysis. J Technol Transf (2019).

Dimitri, N. (2018). Intellectual Property Rights in the EU Pre-Commercial Procurement for Innovation. Working Paper No. 2018-02. Maastricht: Maastricht School of Management.

Dimitri, N., Saverio Mennini, F., Gitto, L., Lichere, F. & Piga, G. (2017). “Joint procurement and the EU perspective”, In: Law and Economics of Public Procurement Reforms, Chapter 2 Joint public procurement.

Dimitri, N. (2017). The Blockchain Technology: Some Theory and Applications. Working Paper No. 2017/3. Maastricht: Maastricht School of Management.

Rainville, A. & Apostol, R. (2017). Capturing Value in Innovation Procurement: A Business Case Methodology. Working Paper No. 2017/2. Maastricht: Maastricht School of Management. 

Rainville, A. & Jobse, C. (2017). Competition and innovation through public tendering: Examining a public sector business case for outsourcing ICT. Working Paper.

Dimitri, N. (2017). The Economics of EU Innovation Procurement. Working Paper No. 2017/01. Maastricht: Maastricht School of Management. 

Rainville, A. (2017).  Stimulating a more Circular Economy through Public Procurement: Roles and dynamics of intermediation. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19675.77608 

Rainville, A. (2016). Standards in green public procurement – A framework to enhance innovation. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Rainville, A. (2016). From whence the knowledge came: Heterogeneity of innovation procurement across Europe. Journal of Public Procurement, 16(4), 463-504. Winner of the Seventh International Public Procurement Conference (IPPC) Best Paper Award. Full-text available here.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Apostol, R. (2016). Trials and Tribulations in the implementation of R&D procurement in the European Union (Springer Verlag 2016).

Pantilimon, O. & Jobse, C. (2016). Rules and Boundaries Surrounding Market Consultations in Innovation Procurement: Understanding and Addressing the Legal Risks, EPPPL No. 3/2016.

Pantilimon, O. & Justice, S. (2016). Stretching the limits for innovative and sustainable public procurement: Innovative and sustainable clothing for hospitals as a show case for innovative procurement in health care. Public Procurement Policy. September 10, 2015.

Rainville, A., Hawkins, R., & Bergerson, J. (2015). Building consensus in life cycle assessment: the potential for a Canadian product category rules standard to enhance credibility in greenhouse gas emissions estimates for Alberta's oil sands. Journal of Cleaner Production 103(15), 525-533.

Apostol, R. (2012). Pre-commercial procurement in support of innovation: regulatory effectiveness?, Public Procurement Law Review (Issue 6, October 2012).

Apostol, R. (2012). Procurement of Innovation – A structural approach, Public Procurement Law Review, (Issue 4, April 2012).  


Conference Proceedings

Jaramillo Villacis, A., Mutluer, S., (2016). Innovation of the procurement of social services through value engineering: the Dutch Case (will be published in the Proceedings of the 7th International Public Procurement Conference, Bali, Indonesia.)

Jobse, C., Dimitri, N. (2016). LCC-calculations and the principles of public procurement. Underpinn conference Manchester.

Apostol, R. (2010). Pre-commercial procurement in Europe – Suitable for stimulating services innovation?, Proceedings of the 8th Eastern European eGovernment Days 2010, p.139-155.


Books & Book Chapters

Pantilimon, O. (2016). Chapter “Innovative and sustainable procurement: Framework, Constraints and Policies”, Research European Handbook on Procurement Law.

Dimitri, N. (2012). Some Law & Economics Considerations on the EU Pre-Commercial Procurement of Innovation, in “The Applied Law end Economics of Public Procurement” (Piga,Treumer eds), Routledge.
Dimitri, N. (2013). Best Value for Money in Procurement, The Journal of Public Procurement,13,149-175.

Dimitri, N. (2006). Handbook of Procurement (Dimitri, Piga, Spagnolo eds), (2006), Cambridge University Press

Dimitri, N. (2006). Fostering Participation, in “Handbook of Procurement” (Dimitri-Piga-Spagnolo eds), Cambridge University Press.

Dimitri, N. (2006). When Should Procurement be Centralized ? in “Handbook of Procurement” (Dimitri-Piga-Spagnolo eds), Cambridge University Press.

Dimitri, N. (2006). Information and Competitive Tendering in “Handbook of Procurement” (Dimitri-Piga-Spagnolo eds), Cambridge University Press.

Dimitri, N. (2006). Multi-Contract Tendering Procedures and Package Bidding in Procurement in “Handbook of Procurement” (Dimitri-Piga-Spagnolo eds), Cambridge University Press.



Dimitri, N. (2013). Game theory considerations on third countries’ reciprocal access rules to EU public procurement. Expert report for the European Parliament.

Dimitri, N. (2016). Eligibility and efficiency in public procurement systems design, in Future Proofing Procurement, United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).